All the good things in life are free and so we wanted to celebrate that by giving back to our customers.

We are a specialist roofing company and so we thought; why not give away free roof surveys in Cardiff!

Included in our areas of expertise are, domestic, commercial and industrial projects and with that said, we are happy that we can offer our customers free Cardiff roof surveys.

If you’re a homeowner then you will know, your roof doesn’t really get much attention (we hear you say: why should it?)

They sit there over the years and the only real attention they get is when it appears to be too late (that’s when the repairs are needed). We are giving away a free roof survey because we want people to understand the importance of looking after the external parts of the home and because we love what we do so, why not help out for free!

We specialise in the following areas: flat and pitched roof installation, flat and pitched roof repairs (which are really common for homeowners), green roof installation, roof maintenance and flat roof specification and design (perfect if you are building your home). We provide destructive and non- destructive surveys, electronic testing and roof light installation.

With all of our specialities we are confident that if we don’t provide the service you’re looking for, we can find someone to provide it for you.

So, what are the benefits of free roof surveys in Cardiff?

Well, we attend the property and assess the current state of your roof or advise on the specification you require for a new design. Solely based on this provision, you will already know what you require (if anything) and the things to expect. We will assess if there are any problems and gauge the severity of any pressing issues. By having a free Cardiff roof survey you are taking preventative action without even paying for it (always a bonus). You will get recommendations and we will provide you with tips and advice as to how best care for your roof, whether it be old or new.

Within our field we hold a wealth of experience. By providing Cardiff based roof surveys, we hope to build even more trust amongst our clients. Using an experienced company for any roofing and installation work plays a vital role in the outcome of the project.

It’s always best to choose a company that can provide verified testimonials. When we provide your free roof survey in Cardiff we won’t quit because of the weather or tell you information that we want you to hear; we will be honest and will tell you exactly what needs to be done, if anything at all.

There may be underlying problems with your roof that you may not realise. For example, if you notice water pooling on your roof – it may not be down to a heavy poor but the sign of an underlying problem.  Knowing problems before they arise can potentially save you thousands.

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Even in torrential rain they got on with the guttering job quickly and effeciently with smiles on their faces
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