roof maintenance

It is more important than you think!

Did you know, simple roof and facade maintenance often prevents the  need for costly repairs and increases the life span of the roof covering? Also, most manufacturer's will not honour their warranty if it is clear that little or no maintenance has taken place.
We often hear from home and property owners that it is not possible or practical to access the roof for maintenance. This is why we offer a low cost maintenance solution, even if we did not carry out the installation of the roof. From small homes to large factories, we are able to offer a safe, hassle-free maintenance solution that ensures your roof and facade is kept to a high standard and any damage or potential leaks are found at the earliest opportunity. Often, we are able to work without causing any disturbance but, in some circumstances, particularly with commercial and industrial properties, we would offer to work out of normal hours to ensure your workforce and customers are safe.

What we offer

  •     Industrial, commercial and domestic roof maintenance;
  •     Industrial, commercial and domestic gutter clearing;
  •     Installation of gutter/leaf guards to avoid blockage;
  •     Destructive/Non-destructive surveys with full written report and proposal;
  •     Facade cleaning and maintenance;
  •     One-off service to annual contract;
  •     Window and curtain wall cleaning;
  •     Solar panel cleaning;
  •     Installation of Seagull and Pigeon deterrents.

All solutions are offered at a time to suit  you or your business. Out of hours, weekends, bank holidays etc are not a problem and all work is carried out in a safe manner, ensuring you, your workforce and your customers are kept out of harm's way.
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Benefits of Roof Maintenance

  • Low cost when comparing the additional life-span to the cost of a full re-roof or facade replacement;
  • Appearance is everything. A clean facade and roof covering gives the impression of a clean, fresh business;
  • All manufacturer warranties remain valid so, if a claim is to be made, there will be no opportunity for the manufacturer to not honour their warranty;
  • Outlets, gulleys and troughs are kept free from leaves and debris, which encourages the free flow of water. This means that the water is able to flow from your roof, decreasing the likelihood of a leak;
  • Silt build-up is minimised, ensuring your roof's surface is not slippery when access is required. Safety is paramount when working at height, particularly when installing seasonal lights, advertisement etc.


If the exterior of your property isn't looked after, the risk of causing substantial damage internally and to your valuable possessions or, even serious injury is dramatically increased. Can you really afford not to? Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Even in torrential rain they got on with the guttering job quickly and effeciently with smiles on their faces
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